Safety & Health Expo 2016

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Proud 2b Safe is a programme where we challenge the individual to make a commitment to safety. Anybody is welcome to join the community, regardless of whether or not their employer is part of the scheme.

The film

Jason Anker: A Fall from Height has been a huge success since its release in 2010. This has gone on to be a really successful film which is also currently being used by the HSE's Working Well Together programme.

We decided to focus on the impact of the incident for this follow-up film, Jason Anker: Proud 2b Safe.

So what is so different about this film, with the help of Outtakes Film Communications we have made it available to view by anyone for FREE.

Associate Member

Any company wishing to gain Associate Membership, should firstly apply in writing to P2bS stating their companies commitment to P2bS and the criteria for acceptance are as follows:

  • Applying for a membership at group level rather than as an individual or subsidiary company of a group.
  • Have a minimum of a 2 year history of registrations with P2bS

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