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Taking Your Safety Journey Beyond Compliance
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Proud2bSafe was the brainchild of Jason Anker MBE, who was always concerned about how the impact of his own story of a life changing accident at work would have over time.

He took 3 years to develop a programme that would revolutionise the way you think about safety, not just in the workplace but in everything you do.

The original live presentations took Jason all over the country and the demand was so high and the need for more and more from companies asking “what’s next” made Jason realise that he had to development his programme even further to accommodate the need.

We came up with a format that is now the Proud2bSafe Journey.

It will challenge every individual to ask questions about their own relationship to safety, regardless of their position.

We have created a journey that will provide continued support year after year:


  • Various DVD workshops
  • Live presenters
  • Acting companies to facilitate live presentation workshops
  • Site tours
  • Leadership events
  • Awarded member levels

Our Proud2bSafe Journey is for everybody!

Since launching the Proud2bSafe Journey, we have now introduced various new initiatives and training courses, each to suit the requirements of individual companies.

We are currently working on all our current levels of bronze, silver, gold and platinum becoming recognised accredited training courses. 

‘We need to change the way we think about safety.'

Currently there is still a fear about speaking up if something is or appears unsafe - sometimes this is perception.

We have to strive for a culture where it’s just the norm to accept that everybody has the right to go home safely to their loved ones’.

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Taking your safety journey beyond compliance
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