Bronze: Level

BRONZE: P2BS journey entry level

Bronze Level - POA

This is the start of your Proud2bSafe journey. Where you start to take your safety beyond compliance. 

Bronze level is totally DVD and workshop based. You will be provided with a workshop tutorial handbook for guidance for each film, full of questions to ask and how to monitor your personnel through the emotional DVDs.

These workshops are the most effective to use before live presentations from the Proud2bSafe team but can be used for sites where Jason has previously visited. 

Standard in all levels

  • New media throughout the year to support sites
  • Quarterly E-Mag Newsletter
  • P2BS framed certificate – renewed annually
  • Company logo and blog on P2BS website renewed annually
  • Social media announcement for all new companies
  • Regular information mailers about upcoming events and speaker information
  • P2BS employee of the month certificates plus free gift each month for winner (supplied at start of the membership)
  • P2BS posters x 12 (supplied at start of the membership)
  • Customer care support line Monday - Thursday 10am – 3pm
  • Access to members log in via website (coming 2017)


Levels earned by commitment
  • Bronze Member
  • Silver Member
  • Gold Member
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Group Member
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