Gold: Level

Gold Level - POA

This level will see a member of our P2BS team attend a site of your choice (UK) for a minimum of 3 hours. Touring any department and talking to as many individuals as possible.

Our site tours have proven to be really valuable to a company and creates a further passion to make safety their number one priority.

Personnel tend to open up and share their stories, not only of accidents, near misses and challenges they have faced but how they have made their personal commitment to safety and changed their attitude too. 

Features and Benefits

  • P2BS site tour half day (3 hours) and Q&A with a Proud2bSafe representative.
  • Worker Engagement Workshops which comprises of 6 x 30 minute¬†mini sessions (15 personnel per session max).
Levels earned by commitment
  • Bronze Member
  • Silver Member
  • Gold Member
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Group Member
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