Our vision and mission

Be challenging and be prepared to be challenged.


By choosing to commit to the Proud2bSafe journey, we promise that we will focus on supporting you and make a significant improvement on our resources annually to allow you and your company to develop.

We will present new ways of engaging you and your employees to keep their commitment fresh and in line with Proud2bSafe. We promise to provide you with new presenters, who will show further incites to incidents; influential & prestigious speakers from the world of H&S plus ongoing workshops and films to further support your current H&S programme.

We intend to branch out into other areas to work alongside our behavioural programmes intending for Proud2bSafe to be a fuller supportive system.


Proud2bSafe is not a buzzword or a campaign; it is your company choosing to take your “Safety Journey beyond Compliance” and should be encouraged as a lifelong commitment to the safety of you and your work colleagues and practiced in all areas of life.

We are totally dedicated, and our ultimate goal to create a safer environment inside and outside the work place.

Our passion is never ending; our uniqueness separates us from the rest as we continuously strive to deliver a worthwhile quality service for all work environments.

Proud2bSafe will not hesitate to turn down any application if we feel that this is not right for you or us.

We are so passionate about your journey that we will only accept companies with a true commitment to their employee’s safety. This will not be a reflection on your company but on our vision and us.

Be challenging and be prepared to be challenged.
Make that personal choice to speak up and make a difference.

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