Jason Anker, Middle East Journey 2018 by Jason Woods Middle East & India Representative at IPAF

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Jason Anker, Middle East Journey 2018 by Jason Woods Middle East & India Representative at IPAF

Posted 26/11/2018

''We welcomed Jason Anker to the United Arab Emirates supporting health and safety with a full week on agenda for me it was a great honor to sit alongside such a true professional. The drive Jason has promoting safety throughout industry is spectacular. We were very fortunate to work with many professionals last week on Jason's visit to the UAE. This is a snip of Jason's visit below.''

4th November - Dubai Municipality meeting with Engr. Raed Mohamed Al Marzooqi Occupational Health Safety Manager - Health and Safety Department, Engr. Ahmed Khalil Abdul Kareem Principal Safety Engineer Health and Safety along with the rest of the Municipality team. Having worked with Dubai Municipality for some time the work Dubai Municipality are preparing for the region is outstanding. The ongoing development of OSH throughout Dubai this was a great pleasure for Jason to meet the team and have an understanding of the hard work that goes on behind the scene.

5th November - Headed towards another government body OSHAD (Occupational Safety Health Abu Dhabi where Jason gave a small presentation explaining the importance of safety and the story-line of his accident. Positively Jason explained his determination of spreading safety to the highest level.

The 6th November - Jason's support Mega project Expo2020 Dubai where he presented to the management team and contractors who are involved in the project. This was arranged by Dr Rob Cooling and the team.

7th November - IPAF Middle East Convention, we had the pleasure of Jason joining the team of speakers delivering an outstanding presentation. Jason's touched everyone's heart, then switching his talk to a very positive message of speaking out.

8th November - IPAF construction member Multiplex enjoyed and welcomed Jason at the Jumeirah Gate project at JBR, explaining the importance of working safely. The talk was welcomed by over 100 contractors. Mr. Kevin Coleman Occupational Health Safety Manager says Jason is such a remarkable guy with a very powerful message.

8th November - Final stop - Al Naboodah safety theater, Jason sat and watched the safety team deliver a small presentation in Hindi to the workers demonstrating the incorrect way against the correct way of working at height safely. Following on from this Jason then spoke to the group.

Thank you again Jason, for the weeks visit it was truly amazing to meet you and work alongside yourself. After speaking to Jason for almost 12 months to make this trip happen, credit goes to Ms Abbi Taylor Director of Proud2bsafe who helped us arrange the visit from start to finish..



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