How it Works

We are often asked after a inspirational talk 'how do we keep the momentum going?'

Outlined below is all our safety products and services that we can offer your company. All our products and services have total flexibility to suit your requirements with the option to pick and choose.

Your company will be awarded the member level dependent on what products/services you use.

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Description Accredited Premier Elite
P2BS Yearly Membership
Full Video package to be used for new and existing employees/contractors
Jason Anker MBE Live Safety Talk
Abbi's Workshop
Matt Hazelton Live Talk
Paul Blanchard Live Talk
Lisa Ramos Live Talk
Leadership Event with Emma Currie and Matt Hazelton
Site Walk-rounds
Worker Engagement Workshops
Extras Accredited Premier Elite
Jason's Daughter Abbi live talk
Jason's Son live talk
Jason's Friend Sean live talk


P2BS is a journey of commitment and achievement with new products each year through Accredited, Premier and Elite levels.

As a member you will receive

  • P2BS level award logo for your companies website along with a membership certificate and welcome pack
  • The licence to utilise the P2BS logo within your company during your membership year
  • Supplied with the full P2BS dvd package 
  • Showcased on our P2BS website in the Member Area with the company logo, blog and commitment badges as you earn them. Other companies will be able to see the levels you have reached
  • Employee of the month Pack including certificates and monthly gifts
  • Access to the member log in area on the P2BS website where you can access the P2BS shop and documents to download
  • Discounts from our live sessions
  • Discounts from our collaborators/suppliers
  • Discounts from items in our P2BS shop dependent on member level
  • First access to available dates to book our P2BS speakers
  • First access to any new films/blogs that we produce
  • Social Media announcements over all our platforms of your commitment to safety 
  • Regular information mailers
  • Ongoing customer support to assist with any issues that you may endure


P2BS Full Dvd Package

The key objectives of the dvd's is to expand on or begin the Jason Anker story, making the Proud2bSafe experience a personal journey. 


The learning objectives are: Making Saftey Personal, Everybody is responsible for their own safety and that of everybody else, Being P2BS and 

continuing the working relationship on the safety journey.

The dvd package includes the following dvd's:


  • Fall from Height - The first film tells the story of Jason's accident and includes footage of Jason at a speaking event, interviews with his spinal injury specialist, his sister and parents. The story is shocking and illustrates clearly how one poor decision can have a catastrophic outcome. 


  • P2BS - This is the follow up to 'Fall from Height' it extends the emotional impact of the first film by showing Jason's children, Abbi and Sam, and his friends Sean and Colin talking about the long-lasting effects of the accident. It also demonstrates how widely the circle of people impacted by the accident is and how genuinely upset they still are.


  • Abbi's Workshop - This workshop is designed to refocus people on the P2BS message and to make them think again about the effects of an accident could have on their lives and the lives of people around them - particularly their families.


  • 5 Seconds More - Short reflection of the past films and the affect this had had on their home and work life. This is a crucial aspect of Jason's aim to reduce accidents.


  • Speak Up & Be Heard - This film features many interviews with managers, workers and safety experts as well as unique and myth busting legal insight from Jason's barrister, David Urpeth, and personal messages from Jason's daughter Abbi and his friend Sean Toon.  This was based on feedback Jason had received over the past 9 years as a safety speaker. The single biggest issue in promoting good Health & Safety seems to be that, exactly like him, people don't speak up and if they do they are often not heard.


 You can run these workshops on any site of your choice with small intimate groups, there is no time scale so it can easily fit in with your companies schedule, and you can use as refresher courses for those who need extra support. 

A tutorial handbook, worksheets and a commitment banner will be provided as part of the package. Commitment cards are available at an additional cost if required.





Jason Anker live talk

This is a 60 minute presentation - target audience is to operatives/Supervisors but applies to everybody.  A specific presentation just for Senior Management/Directors is available.

Jason Anker MBE was paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable accident on a construction site in 1993 when he fell off a ladder. He was just 24 years old. 

Jason has now delivered over 2500+ presentations worldwide.

A unique story that covers Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Resilience and looks at how they can influence one another either positively or negatively.

The Fall, Jason openly talks about his workplace accident and the effect this had on himself, family, friends and work colleagues but he know also explores and discusses why he made that decision on the day of his accident and how his own health and wellbeing in the months that led up to his accident also played a big part in that safety decision. Sean Toon, one of Jason's close friends, speaks about the impact the accident had on his circle of friends.

The Bounce, This part of the talk covers Jason's recovery from his mental health crisis. He talks about how some simple changes he made in his day to day life has had a positive impact on his wellbeing and then he discovered the resilience to start thriving in all aspects of his life, after just coping with anxiety, stress and mental health issues for nearly a quarter of a century.

Key Messages

The connection between Health, Safety & Wellbeing.





Abbi's Workshop

This workshop forms part of the P2BS full dvd package but is available as a standalone workshop.

This dvd is designed to refocus people on the P2BS message and to make them think again about the effects of an accident could have on their lives and the lives of the people around them - particularly their families. Narrated by and featuring Jason's daughter Abbi who also features on the P2BS film.


Matt Hazelton Talk

This is an 80 minute presentation. Target audience is Management and Supervisors.

Matt Hazelton, a director of a family groundworks company, who tells the story of an incident that killed 4 employees, 2 brothers and 2 of his best friends, this covers the business before the incident, the effect on the business in the aftermath but also the ongoing personal cost. After a much-needed break there is a verbal workshop where questions can be asked to Matt, these can be pre-arranged to cover the requirements of the group.

Procurement of contractors - are they the correct specialist or a company you have a long-standing history with and are operating slightly out of their usual remit - a contributing factor in Matt's story.

 The 80 Minute presentation consists of his impact story for 50 mins then a short comfort break followed by 30 min Q&A session allowing Matt to be questioned on any aspect of his story. This allows you to delve into aspects of his story not mentioned before.

He does also speak about his role as a director as well as the accident if wanted.





Paul Blanchard Live Talk

This is a 60 minute presentation

Paul works as a motivational and behavioural safety speaker. Having been in a major accident falling from height several years ago while fixing a roof at a farm, Paul speaks on the emotional perspective of why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.

The empowerment of staff to feel the responsibility for both their own safety and that of their co-workers does not come from a Health and Safety lecture. With Paul’s story to the same group, he brings a real purpose to the subject. Rather than just going through the motions of H&S conformity, the audience is reached through empathy with someone who has felt the full effect of an industrial accident.

Paul's story is really about the realisation that his life had changed, and having the determination to adapt to the new direction in life and trying to inspire others.

Lisa Ramos Live Talk

Lisa Ramos was involved in a forklift accident at work, in 2006 and as a result of this, is now an above knee amputee. She had been working alongside her husband Dave for several years. The day of Lisa’s accident was also their son Kieran’s 13th birthday and although Dave wasn’t on shift, he did witness the aftermath and travelled alongside her, in the ambulance.

They offer a unique alternative to raising awareness of health & safety issues within the workplace, with their frank and honest account of her rehabilitation, and the long-term struggles that are part and parcel of adjusting to life, as a disabled person. Whilst they came to terms with what happened many years ago, the change in Lisa's behaviour has had a lasting impact on their son Kieran.

Leadership event

This is a 3 hour presentation presented by Emma Currie and Matt Hazelton with a target audience of Management.


This event utilises a powerful presentation 'Gail's Shoes' presented by Emma Currie, a powerful tale of a marriage struggling to cope in the aftermath of an accident. This is followed by the harrowing presentation by Matt Hazelton, a director of a family groundworks company, who tells the story of a real-life incident that killed 4 employees, 2 brothers and 2 of his best friends, this covers the business before the incident, the effect on the business in the aftermath but also about the ongoing personal cost. After a much-needed break there will then be a workshop to discuss both stories and some interactive workshops.


This course will highlight how management decisions can influence behaviour at the coal face and reinforce that everybody is responsible for safety.



Site walk

A site walk round will see a member of our P2BS team attend a site of your choice (UK) for a minimum of 3 hours. Touring any department and talking to as many individuals as possible.

Our site tours have proven to be really valuable to a company and creates a further passion to make safety the number one priority.

Personnel tend to open up and share their stories, not only of accidents, near misses and challenges they have faced but how they have made their personal commitment to safety and changed their attitude too. 

Worker Workshops

Worker Engagement Workshops comprise of maximum of 6 x 30 minute mini sessions (15 personnel per session max).

These have been created when a site has already seen Jason live previously but want to get him back in to have a chat with the guys

in small intimate groups to see what they can remember from previous sessions, how they changed their attitudes then and if it has changed

since and the reasons why. 






We are a team of incredibly passionate mental health professionals who have all personally experienced some form of mental health complaint at some point in our lives. We believe this is an important asset to possess when helping people understand how stress can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression – a problem which is vast becoming an epidemic! We use psychology, neuroscience and biofeedback to explain difficult concepts and show people how these disorders are established, prolonged and overcome. 



‘To improve the overall mental wellbeing and stress within the workplace’.

Our aim is to make a significant difference to employee’s wellbeing by educating them to a high standard. Our presentations are designed for HIGH impact, LOW disruption. We try to make our talks accessible to all and can deliver highly informative talks in just one hour. We also provide ongoing support to all employees who wish via email. We also provide stress management training to ‘high risk’ employees through our biofeedback training programme.  Whether you suffer with stress, poor mental health or not, there is always something positive and constructive to take from our training and talks.



‘Knowledge is power’…but without action, it’s powerless.


We use latest cutting edge biofeedback technology to clearly show individual stress levels and provide stress management tools to help reduce these. By showing people how closely the mind and body are related and how they can mindfully control their stress response to ‘normal’ levels you help to create a more mindful, focused, productive, resilient and emotionally intelligent worker.




Abbi's talk

Abbi will speak for up to 15 minutes alongside Jason's live session about the impact her dad's workplace accident has had on her life over the past 25 years. This is a emotive angle to this story and has a big impact on a live event.

Sam talk

Sam can speak to upto 15 minutes telling his story of how his dad's accident has impacted his life over the past 23 years and shares emotive stories of things he has had to miss out on due to workplace accident.

Sean Talk

Sean is one of Jason's oldest friends and is currently out on the road with Jason when he is speaking at events. Sean speaks for a few minutes during Jason's standard session but is available  to speak for up to 15 minutes explaining what he and his family went through when Jason had his accident and what effect that has had since. A very emotive and different angle to a story like this as people don't always realise the scale of people affected by a workplace accident.