Prof Tim Marsh


May I congratulate you on your wonderful presentation. The feedback was excellent and included 'the best presentation ever presented in the 40 years of NOSHCON' .Thank you again, it was wonderful to have you at our conference.

Beatrix Oberholzer - NOSA

(Tim's talk) was not just food for thought, it was a banquet of food for thought and an eye opening experience as well. It is the first time in many years that I have truly considered how the culture of Health and Safety within organisations is so influential in determining the outcome of people's actions, and how those actions and outcomes affect people's safety and wellbeing. Tim clearly illuminated the underlying and often subliminal, or mistakenly accepted preconceptions and habits that cause us to participate in unsafe practices. So much of Health and Safety focuses on facts, figures and legal requirements and fails to look at the underlying roots of the reasons why we need to look after each other. 

Tim managed to combine the necessary facts, and at the same time, reveal the reasons why we often culturally ignore the facts, because of work pressures, or because of a certain amount of inherent risk taking that we all share to some extent. It was really thought provoking, and i am going to look at the way I go about the implementation of Health and Safety as a result.  I came out of that talk feeling uplifted and revitalised and more committed to peoples wellbeing.

Ian S - Senior Manager - Welsh National Opera