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For many years Jason has been told ‘that inspirational safety talk was great …’ but often then asked: ‘what next?’ We are delighted to say that Jason has joined with Tim Marsh and as well as inspirational talks his new company, Anker & Marsh, now provides a full series of training, assessment and consultancy services.

Our team of Consultants are headed by Tim Marsh (author of ‘Talking Safety’, ‘Handbook of Organised Wellbeing’ and other books) , Tony Roscoe MSc, Karen Royale C.Psychol  and Clare Davey.

We will help you design a data driven risk strategy and select the right combination of services to ensure your organisation minimises the risk to employees, physical or mental wellbeing and to organisational sustainability generally.

We want all employees to survive unharmed of course, but our passion is also to help as many employees thrive as possible and to pro-actively maximise their human factor potential for themselves and for their organisations.

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