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Outtakes – 15% off for all P2BS members

Outtakes have been making health & safety films for over 20 years and we’ve been working with Jason almost since the beginning of his career. First we made ‘Jason Anker – A Fall From Height’ in 2010 following up with Proud2bSafe in 2013 and most recently  ‘Speak Up & Be Heard’.

Most of our work these days is in making bespoke films for clients including Akzo Nobel, The Bank of England, John Lewis, Waitrose, Canary Wharf Contractors and TfL.

We are a small team and do everything for clients from distilling source material and writing treatments and scripts, filming, editing and augmenting. Because we do everything in house we work quickly and efficiently and we are always on hand to talk about your project – there is also the added bonus that it brings down the costs of production (which are likely to be much lower than you think anyway). Our newest show reel can be seen here

We are very proud of our association with Jason and we want to offer anyone coming via P2BS, Jason or any of the P2BS speakers a discount of 15% on any bespoke projects (we also produce promotional films, drama and film events – we even do interactive film www.videointeract.co.uk) or DVDs from our website www.outtakes.co.uk

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