Lisa Ramos


Short note; we were blown away by Dave and Lisa; Lisa and Dave. Our group of 40 (mostly grads) were – well I am not sure how to describe what they were – but all connected with the ‘story’ and the ‘journey’ the pair took us on – in all the highs and lows and the low lows. You immediately connect with both.

You meet people in life who make an impact and they both did – not just the reasons for the meeting but just for who they are - honest people; warts and all.

Joan - Reckiits and Benckiser

Lisa was able to use humour, emotion and experience to show that safety is everyone's responsibility and that where things go wrong it can impact on everyone around. The 250 employees she spoke to were engrossed for the whole time. Positive actions have followed the talks and hazard reporting has increased already. I would recommend Lisa to any workplace.

Christia Killen - Lister Wilder Ltd

Lisa and her husband Dave were excellent, you could see the raw emotion when they presented.

The message was very clear, one simple act can change an injured persons life forever physically and mentally, the knock on effect that can have on loved one and relationships can be devastating.

Simon Hogg- Birtley Group