Paul Blanchard


It was a very thought provoking and intimate presentation, I felt that the audience really came to understand just how easily an oversight or lack of attention to safety can result in a life changing event. Paul also focused on the impact to family and friends which demonstrated how far reaching the consequences of an accident can be. I felt this really hit home with the entire audience. Paul is a very brave man and offers a unique insight into the importance of keeping safe.

Paul told his story not trying to achieve a hard-hit shock, he just told his story. Everyone in the room was completely focused because we could all relate to the circumstances of how his accident occurred. Listening to Paul fully brought home the effect on him, his family and friends; things I had never fully contemplated before. It is the only presentation I have been in that I can remember the full name of the presenter.

 Robert - BAE Systems - Military Air & Information

"Paul was amazing and his talk was very emotional. It made the course/training very real and has made me more aware of how precious life is and what we take for granted."

"Paul was extremely brave and it was very important to the course that he was here. - it made the course real. - It's easy to switch off when a video is shown. - His story really hits home."

Dick- MITIE Property Management Ltd

Paul was really easy to listen to and the way he told his story was captivating. We wanted to show our colleagues the potential of what can happen when they don't do things properly, or they do things they are not trained or comfortable in completing. The sessions were eye opening and thought provoking.

Lizzie Priestnall - BA

Thank you Paul for a truly inspirational talk, you had 200+ operatives silenced for 60 minutes! Your hard hitting account has had everyone on site talking since they walked out of the presentation. Many thanks for being part of our Worldwide BAM Safety Day.

Alan Bell, BAM Construction’

Paul’s honest and personal account really added to the impact of the whole event and I’ve already had a number of my staff comment that it was the best one of these events we’ve ever had thanks to his input.


It was a great message to our station employees, the message was based on Paul's Fall from Height (briefly) but Paul focused on the impact that his accident had on his family and friends.

There were lots of questions, thanks and observations discussed after both sessions with Paul- we were impressed with the engagement.

Thank you again for all your help and thanks to Paul, we will be definitely using your company again to book keynote speakers.

Georgina- Sizewell B Power Station

I thought Paul was engaging and relatable. Without his talk the HSE day would not have had anywhere near the same impact.

The key messages were to nor be complacent in your work, that accidents can still happen even if you are an experienced worker and the consequences can be life changing.

Calum Morell- Siemens Energy