Sean Toon


Just met Jason and Sean, and what a powerful session. I can relate to both, if this talk saves one person's life being turned upside down, that's one person who might never have thought about the consequences. Well done to Jason and Sean for telling your stories. Heart wrenching stuff.

Eileen, Network Rail

Very moving and thought provoking, having been there I could empathise with Sean. A very powerful message - TALK TO SOMEONE. Having suffered with work related stress and having a breakdown so much more could be done by companies

London Health Safety Group

''Really appreciated Sean sharing his personal experience and it rely underlines how we can all help each other and the need to talk''.

London Health Safety Group

Sean particularly spoke to people from his heart and delivered an outstanding recall of his life and experience. He was just marvellous.

Suzanna Ghosh - Nuclear Waste Services