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The big difference is that Jason finishes his story and session in a very positive way that made me really think about ME,  my wellbeing and my impact on others. This is a story of an ordinary bloke told in an extraordinary way that makes a real impact on his audience and at an individual level

- Chris Bramley- Bakkavor Salads HSE Business Leader

A Lasting impression...

Along with everyone in the audience, I was absorbed as Jason told us of his life before the incident and then described the day of the incident in detail. He spoke of the highs and the lows since that day, such as time spent in hospital and rehabilitation, his release from hospital and his struggle with life over the past 22 years and the effect the incident has had on his family and friends.

Jason's presentation is more powerful than any I can ever make and the message is very simple - every single one of us has a choice to make about being safe- or unsafe - at work, and we bear responsibility for the consequences.

- Dame Judith Hackitt

- Peter France CEO

''I've been with this company now for more years than I care to remember, and within that time I've listened to and been to a thousand and one or more safety presentations done by the company, SHE dept. etc. But none that I've been to comes anywhere near in putting a safety message across as this one did. As soon as I got back to my place of work I let everyone know about Jason Anker's story. His message certainly hit home.''  - Dave -NAS Welder

''As an apprentice when I started with the company I undertook an induction, before having a local induction. Having been asked to attend the Jason Anker presentation I didn't know what to expect, and to be honest his presentation was educational, emotional and funny. Educational certainly as we all learnt from Jason's mistakes, I will always take '5' before climbing a ladder. The emotional side comes from listening to what Jason had been through, and the path his life's taken. The funny side was how Jason put it in his own words and he himself added humour. During his presentation I took several glances behind me noticing everyone giving Jason their full attention. I certainly took Jason Anker's message back to the workplace.'' - Aysha - Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker

''I believe Jason touched and captivated the audience within a few minutes of starting. Jason told his story with intimate details of his private life, when he talked about the difficult experiences he went through with his family, it became very emotional because he was sharing every single details of his struggle following his accident. Overall the presentation was very successful with a good impact on safety culture, and afterwards on the shop floor I noticed some changes in relation to work at height from one individual'' - Chris -SHEQ Manager

- BAE Systems - Barrow

A pleasure to meet Jason and Sean today on site, I am convinced that the sessions had and will continue to have a profound impact on our employee's decision making process... this initiative along with our other plans and activities I'm sure will continue to evolve our culture on site...thanks Jason for inspiring us to be proud to be safe.

- John- Xylem

''I just wanted to say to Jason and his friend Sean what a fantastic way of getting over to us all about safety, and of course the aspects of just a few seconds out of life and the impact on all lives around the injured, or even sadly dead party. I am a Health & Safety Rep on site so get involved more than some, and for me I went through a one and half hour emotional roller coaster.

Jason puts his story over so plainly, bluntly, amusingly, emotionally but so effectively it’s amazing. My breaking point was the video of his parents, at that point I almost left the room for fear of sobbing loudly but managed to keep myself in check.

Please pass on my personal thanks to him for the work he and Sean do to promote safety, not only at work but in our lives as a whole.''

- Janice

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