Justin Manley - Unavailable until further notice Profile Photograph

Justin Manley - Unavailable until further notice


''“It was without doubt the most powerful ‘health and safety’ talk that I have ever seen, but in reality it wasn’t really about health and safety, it was about life and being appreciative of what you have – and that is the most important message there is…

“You’ve shown great courage to use your experience in a way that good will come of it”.


- Paul Salmon, Clancy Docwra Senior Contract Manager on the Anglian Water IMDS Contract

“ I can honestly say in 29 years, I’ve never seen so many engaged and emotionally moved grown front-line men and ladies; this really did make us all think… it reinforced to me the power of the guys on the ground being involved in the delivery of our safety messages…

“You could truly see the teams respected him for what he’s been through and the messages he was delivering to them, for their benefit”.

- David Ward, IMR Director and Head of Water Networks, Anglian Water

“It was a very moving story and Justin’s real life experience had a massive impact on us all… it will make me think twice about the safety of my gang every time I go out to work.”

“Justin’s speech really hit home; I will take time to assess each and every situation and not take experience for granted.”

- Workforce - Anglian Water

''I came along to exchange with our H&S manager for the afternoon. I was fortunate to observe the unfortunate incident and motivational speech. This complacency and
freak accident of a high risk activity will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will pass this knowledge on to others as the trainee H&S manager. This is heartfelt and life
changing. Thank you for the opportunity and chance to listen''.

- Paul Murrell - Applebridge

'' A really well worthwhile event. The presentation by Justin was ‘raw and emotional’ and gets the meaning of
what has happened to him through much more than videos and pictures and should be rolled out to the ‘SCP’
if he is willing to do it. Really makes you think''. 

- Nigel Lewis- Senior Building Manager , Willmott Dixon

'' I think the highlight of the day for us was Justin Manley’s session, his story was very personal and when someone tells the story of
their accident and the aftermath that follows there in front of you the impact can be quite hard hitting''.

- John Osbourne, Wyn Construction

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