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Tom Corfield


The message that we as a project was how to promote zero harm and the consequences of what can go wrong including the life changing implications.
Tom tapped into this and promoted that message too. Tom is genuine, nice lad. Very down to earth and great presentation skills which were well received.

We will definitely have one of your team, Tom included back again.

- Nathan HSSE Manager - Codling Wind Park

''Tom was incredibly brave and engaging to share his story and the journey he's on in front of a such a large audience.

I really liked his positive outlook on the future and the fact that nothing will hold him back from being the person he wants to be''.

- Dave Rogers - NR Programme Manager

'' I really appreciated how his presentation wasn't polished by a Comms Team as I think having presentations in different formats keeps people engaged.

It was heart felt, honest, and relatable. His decision to make something positive out of his accident, and his determination to continue in the building trade is inspirational.

I believe that incidents like Tom's happen in these instances, and so I will be passing his story on to our PC team members who are currently working on site to remind them that even a simple task planned or executed poorly can result in lifechanging injuries''.

- Caroline Gates - NR Scheme Project Manager

''Tom's talk was of great use to me and I'm sure the majority of us present on Monday.

For Tom to fight back with positivity from what was a tragic life changing accident, is nothing short of inspirational.

When Tom started to recall the events leading up to his accident I had no idea of the consequences that followed - I was expecting a trip, slip or fall.

I think there would be great value of getting Tom's message out to the wider front line workforce in NR and it's contractors. (possibly a video?)

How many times do we see people working in risky environments without wearing eye protection? Would they act the same way if they had Tom's story in their minds? ''.

- Nigel Beecroft – NR Senior Programme Manager.

'' I spoke with Tom after the team brief to commend him on his story and determination – he’s a really genuinely nice chap.
When he first started setting the scene before the accident, explaining that he was up and down ladders, I assumed that the injury would be working at height related and never expected him to be talking about an eye injury.
The key point I taken away was that, such a small and seemingly innocuous incident has had a huge impact on himself, his family and colleagues and it strengthens the message that managing health & safety, no matter how trivial it may seem, is so important.
I will certainly be using Tom’s story when I get the next opportunity to share a safety moment and I also think it would be an excellent topic to make use of when chairing a safety hour''.

- Robert Owen - NR Scheme Project Manager