Wellbeing, Health & Safety days

Here is an example day we have ran previously for many our clients:

8.45-9.15 Registration and Tea/Coffee

9.15-9.30 - Housekeeping and Introduction from someone senior within the business

9.30 - P2BS Facilitator welcome and introduction

9.45- Actors Part 1 Introduce Actors and have an Interaction with the characters involved (choice of script is bespoke to each client)

10.45 Tea/Coffee break

11:00 Jason Anker MBE - It's not about the Fall, It's about the Bounce

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Prof Tim Marsh - Why People take risks and what we can do about it

14.00 Tea/Coffee break

14.15 - Actors Part 2 -Interactive session including Stop /Start where audience direct the story hopefully to a more positive 

15.00 Closing Comments

15.15 Event Close



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