Proud2bSafe Inspirational Speakers

Each of our speakers has a highly motivational story which will help inspire and change people's attitudes towards Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Jason Anker MBE

RoSPA Arch Angel 2017

Jason Anker was paralysed due to a totally avoidable incident on a construction site in 1993, he openly talks the effect this had on himself, his family & friends.
His story today is about Health Safety & Wellbeing.

Matt Hazelton

RoSPA Rising Star Award Winner 2017

Matt talks about the workplace accident that has affected his life forever. He was a director of a company and on his site he painfully lost two brothers and two friends

Sean Toon

RoSPA Guardian Angel 2017

This is a health and wellbeing talk where Sean discusses how he bottled up problems in his personal life from a childhood trauma then his early twenties a series of events nearly took him to the brink.

Abbi Taylor

The real life story for The Ladder Association's and RoSPA's 'Get a Grip' campaign

Abbi talks about the effect Jason’s accident has had on her life growing up and how it is still affecting their lives today.


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