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Each of our safety speakers has a highly motivational story to share which will help change people’s attitudes towards Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Each speaker is able give a ‘Generic Safety’ talk but we have access to a range of different accident stories to specialise in different industries and sectors.

We offer Live and Virtual sessions to all companies worldwide.

Prices to suit all budgets from £500 - £3500

Jason 2021 8

Jason Anker MBE

Founder Proud2bSafe
RoSPA Arch Angel 2017
Honoury Nebosh Diploma 2023


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It’s not about the fall, it’s about the bounce

Jason has now been speaking for well over a decade but he is now sharing things he has never spoken about before. A unique story that is both harrowing and uplifting and covers Wellbeing, Health & Safety and looks at how they all can influence one another either positively or negatively.

The Fall, Jason openly talks about his workplace accident and the effect this had on himself, family, friends and work colleagues but he know also explores and discusses why he made that decision on the day of his accident and how his own health and wellbeing in the months that led up to his accident also played a big part in that safety decision. 

The Bounce, This part of the talk covers Jason’s recovery from his mental health crisis. He talks about how some simple changes he made in his day to day life has had a positive impact on his wellbeing and then he discovered the resilience to start thriving in all aspects of his life, after just coping with anxiety, stress and mental health issues for nearly a quarter of a century.

Sean Toon, one of Jason's close friends, will be available on the day to speak about the impact the accident had on his circle of friends. *additional fee of £150

Q&A Session
After a short break, Jason can deliver this session which can be either generic on the day or specific questions that are pre-arranged with relevant topics.



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Matt Hazelton

Motivational Speaker 

RoSPA Rising Star Award Winner 2017


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Four Friends

Matt openly talks about the workplace accident that has affected his life forever. Matt was a director of a family groundworks company and on his site he painfully lost two brothers and two good friends. In this emotive hard hitting story Matt discusses the accident itself, the constant hassle he received from the media and the court case he had to endure being a director of a company.

He discusses the fact that even though his workers were competent and capable of doing the work, they had taken on a job that was bigger than they usually did and instead of saying no they were scared to lose the contract so took it on anyway.

Matt is now able to talk about his wellbeing had been affected after the accident and how he’s managed to deal with this going forward. Now Matt is back working in the construction trade, he now talks about how he is taking all that he has learnt back into the business on a leadership level creating a better culture.

Very hard hitting, raw and effective session from Matt to help increase awareness in all levels of Safety.

Q&A Session
After a much needed coffee break, Matt can deliver this session which can be either generic on the day or specific questions that are pre-arranged with relevant topics. A lot of content comes out of Matt's sessions so this gives the audience chance to discuss in more detail and Matt is open to answering any questions on all aspects of his story.




Abbi Taylor

MD of Proud2bSafe
Jason's Daughter


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Abbi talks about the effect Jason's accident (Abbi's dad) has had on her life growing up and how it is still affecting their lives today. Now Abbi has two daughters in the world, she speaks emotionally about the things she missed out on with her dad and they are now having to relive that all again with Jason not being able to do the same things with his granddaughters. Her key message to the delegates watching is that it really is not worth it, if you think something is wrong or unsafe speak up, not just for yourself but for your family and friends as it is them that are all effected.

As Jason now shares his journey on how he has turned his life around, Abbi also shares her perspective on how his improvements in his mental wellbeing has positively affected her life and inspired her to make small changes too.

This session usually forms part of Jason's live sessions but can be used as a 'Safety moment' or Toolbox talk as it is 10-15 minutes in duration.

Abbi has recently became the 'Life Story' for the Ladder Association's 'Get a Grip' campaign supported by RoSPA




Could I have seen it coming?

Tom’s story started 14 years ago. He was only 17 when he suffered an accident involving cement mix splashing back into his eyes, leaving him blind. At the time of the accident Tom was an apprentice and felt like he couldn't challenge his supervisor so just got on with the job.

The effects from the accident are still having a huge impact on Tom’s life, with uncertainty with what the future holds. This story will raise awareness to just how long the journey to recovery can take after a work place accident and how not just his life has been affected.

Tom’s frank and honest discussion will take a look back at life after the accident and adjusting to how vulnerable life really is in the dark.

Tom also speaks on how he has rebuilt his life over the past 14 years and also becoming a new father. 



tom 1099x726

Tom Corfield

Motivational Safety Speaker

BTF Awards winner for Outstanding Achievement 2023


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Lisa v2

Lisa Ramos

Motivational Safety Speaker


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It's not worth the risk.

Lisa was involved in a forklift accident at work, in 2006 and as a result of this, is now an above knee amputee. She had been working alongside her husband Dave for many years. They offer a unique alternative to raising awareness of health & safety issues within the workplace, with their frank and honest account of her rehabilitation, and the long-term struggles that are part and parcel of adjusting to life, as a disabled person.

Whilst they came to terms with what happened many years ago, the change in Lisa's behaviour has had a lasting impact on their son Kieran.

This session highlights that an accident can happen in a split second, a lack of concentration, complacency and not following the rules are all contributing factors to things going wrong.



Life after an accident

Paul delivers a fall from height presentation. Having been in a major accident while fixing a roof at a farm, Paul speaks on the emotional perspective of why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes. Paul was an experienced worker and had a good attitude towards safety but a quick lapse in judgement meant his planned retirement was going to be something entirely different.  

With Paul’s story he brings a real purpose to the subject. Paul’s story is really about the realisation that his life had changed, and having the determination to adapt to the new direction in life and trying to inspire others to make the right choices.



4 paul

Paul Blanchard

Motivational Safety Speaker

RoSPA Arch Angel 2015


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Sean 2021 9 headshot v2

Sean Toon

Jason’s Friend & Mental Health Speaker

RoSPA Guardian Angel 2017


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Reaching the Brink

This is a health and wellbeing talk where Sean discusses how he bottled up problems in his personal life from a childhood trauma. In his early twenties a series of events nearly took him to the brink where he tried to take his own life, he found a way of coping and it’s only in recent years he has found a way to deal with problems head on which has helped him and his family. When this happened to Sean there was no one to speak up to and Sean was working in a supervisor role which asks the question what type of supervisor did it make Sean? and it is now Sean’s goal to encourage people to speak up and listen.

Sean can also speak alongside Jason’s presentation about the impact Jason’s accident has had on him, his family and friends. This provides a powerful and effective angle on Jason ‘story in the live presentations that comes very unexpected to the delegates watching and highlights how many people are actually affected in workplace accidents.



danny and phil2

Danny Sculthorpe & Phil Veivers

Motivational Mental Health awareness speakers



Inspire Talkz

Two ex-professional sportsman from Rugby League use their knowledge and experience of life as a professional sportsman, including their personal lived experience of mental health, to raise awareness about mental health issues in sport and relate this to the workforce. During the session each presenter will share with the audience their personal story, which has proven a powerful means of getting the key messages across with real impact



Joyce Photo v2

Dr Joyce Elisha

Neurodiversity Speaker


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Neurodiverse Universe

Joyce has worked with organisations to enhance their Human Factors and Organisational Cultures for over 20 years.  She recently qualified as a therapist and runs a private practice alongside her corporate work.  She is one of a growing number of adults receiving a diagnosis for neurodivergence later in life as the world catches up to the fact that it’s not just for children.

 This experience often presents a mixed bag of emotions and can sometimes feel lonely. Joyce began to openly talk about her neurodivergence to raise awareness and advocate for the neurodivergent community.  She discusses life in a neurodiverse universe from several viewpoints, as: a scientists; a person with lived experience; a Human Factors professional, a therapist and a parent.  Everyone knows someone who is neurodivergent, so shared knowledge and understanding can help us all to navigate things more confidently. 



rod 004

Rod Silvers




Conversations and Consequences

Rod can offer an interactive, bespoke package to complement the theme of your conference event/meeting.

The plug in package utilises:

-   A facilitator plus 2 actors
-   To present a short, scripted scene on Safety, Health or Well-being theme of your choosing followed by and exploration of what leads the characters to make the choices
they do which (literally) ‘sets the scene’ for the real-story guest speaker of the day
This is then followed by an audience-led re shaping of the scene towards a better (safer, healthier) outcome

This can also be delivered as a standalone session without an impact speaker.

It is a highly memorable, highly interactive, and highly impactful addition to your day
We call it Conversations and Consequences…
Because every conversation has a consequence… for better or worse…




Gail's Shoes

Actress, writer and coach, Emma Welsh (née Currie) has spent 27 years running Acting Up along side her other creative projects.  She has worked in multiple countries with heavy industries such as oil & gas, shipbuilding, manufacturing, wind power, construction, drinks, plant hire... and many more.  She understands the power and stimulation of live theatrical performance for bringing attention to a theme and uses the idea of surprise to engage the audience.  

She favours using monologues at the beginning of a session to impart human stories relevant to Health and Safety, Leadership, Mental Health and wellbeing. Her subsequent sessions are inspired by solution-focussed coaching techniques and she has a reputation for getting the room buzzing with conversations about workplace culture.  

Emma has a number of monologues which she's written for clients over the years.  She is best known for Gail’s Shoes, the story of a couple picking up the pieces after an accident has affected their lives.  

Other monologues include The Vigil, the accident personified as a femme fatal. Below Par, a supervisor who has infected the mindset of his team in a negative way and has been given gardening leave after a young man was killed on his watch. Stuck in a Lift, two characters with opposing views on how to change corporate culture fight it out in a lift.  And Davy’s Baby, the story of Davy’s family and how his larger-than-life way of living came at a cost for those that loved and cared for him.

All these performances can be adapted to suit any industry or theme as the focus is on the human tale.  They are all fictitious but believable, which means that discussions inspired by them can be hypothetical and can drill down into the question: What if I were in this situation? This makes for a personal and philosophical atmosphere which helps the participants understand how they respond to and influence the workplace culture as individuals. 

Emma can also work with your team to train-the-trainer and enhance internal communications or presentations.



emma width v2

Emma Welsh

Actor, Writer and Coach


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