About P2BS

P2BS offer all the services Safety, Health & Wellbeing to  help you with your companies safety  journey. All services are designed to complement your current initiatives however they can be used as a standalone journey within your company. P2BS has been formulated to enhance your whole commitment which will be completely bespoke to you.

A bit of history

Jason Anker MBE became a motivational safety speaker back in 2009 where he spoke up and down the country about the impact his workplace accident had on himself, his family and friends. P2BS used to solely focus on Jason’s story but with the use of other motivational speakers we now look to compare the similarities between their individual stories and find the cause of people not speaking up.

Jason was always concerned about how long after a presentation the initial impact of his talk would last so in  2011 he set up Proud2bSafe,  with the vision of helping companies make full use of the presentation and enabling them with the use of additional services over a continued  relationship with P2BS.

Our profile in the safety world and the connections we have made over the years has encouraged us to progress into Health and Wellbeing as well as Safety. P2BS are proudly collaborating with some highly respected companies and individuals in their specialised fields who fundamentally share the same values as P2BS.


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