Meet Our Team

We all have different backgrounds and stories to share but fundamentally we have the same message to share and reinforce to everyone we meet. 

Jason Anker MBE Profile Photograph

Jason Anker MBE Founder Proud2bSafe

Jason is a father of 2. Lifelong Nottingham Forest fan. ''I was paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable accident on a construction site in 1993 when I was just 24 years old. I only started speaking about my accident in 2009 and that is reflected in a story that is as hard hitting as if it had happened yesterday. My passion is to prevent others from having to go through what myself, my family and friends have had to go through over the last 23 years. If we could stop just one person from suffering a life changing accident, then it is worth all the effort we put in."

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Matt Hazelton Profile Photograph

Matt Hazelton Speaker

Father of 3 fantastic kids and a massive lover of football. Previously a company director. ''I am the manager of my village team in senior football, as well as going to watch Ipswich Town F.C as much as I can. Another passion of mine is fishing along with music and I try to attend as many festivals/gigs as possible. Due to an extremely sad and traumatic event in my personal and business life, I found myself wondering how I could make a difference to others. Proud2bSafe has encouraged and motivated me to share me and my family’s experiences in order to encourage directors and senior managers to be more responsible for their actions, the people they employ, and also show the affect of how things can quickly escalate and affect not only their lives, families, friends and work colleagues but the same of the employee too''

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Paul Blanchard Profile Photograph

Paul Blanchard Speaker

Paul is married to his wife Jenny and has two grown-up children and a grandchild. Paul works as a motivational & behavioural safety speaker. Having been in a major accident falling from height several years ago fixing a roof at a farm, Paul speaks on the emotional perspective of why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.

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Lisa Ramos Profile Photograph

Lisa Ramos Speaker

Lisa Ramos was involved in a forklift accident at work, in 2006 and as a result of this, is now an above knee amputee. She had been working alongside her husband Dave for several years. The day of Lisa’s accident was also their son Kieran’s 13th birthday and although Dave wasn’t on shift, he did witness the aftermath and travelled alongside her, in the ambulance. They offer a unique alternative to raising awareness of health & safety issues within the workplace, with their frank and honest account of her rehabilitation, and the long-term struggles that are part and parcel of adjusting to life, as a disabled person. Whilst they came to terms with what happened many years ago, the change in Lisa's behaviour has had a lasting impact on their son Kieran.

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Tom Corfield Profile Photograph

Tom Corfield Speaker

Tom’s story started 11 years ago. He was only 17 when he suffered an accident involving cement mix splashing back into his eyes, leaving him blind. The effects from the accident are still having a huge impact on Tom’s life, with uncertainty with what the future holds. This story will raise awareness to just how long the journey to recovery can take after a work place accident and how not just his life has been affected. Tom’s frank and honest discussion will take a look back at life after the accident and adjusting to how vulnerable life really is in the dark.

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Sean Toon Profile Photograph

Sean Toon Jason's Friend & Speaker

One of Jason’s best friend’s since infant school. Both life-long Forest fans and also playing in the same local village football team. Previously a delivery man until Jason approached him to initially be his driver. ''Whilst listening to Jason’s story every day, I started to open up about some of the emotional impact that his accident had had on me and my family, things I had never talked about before to anyone. This really shocked Jason, and he encouraged me to share my story with you.

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Abbi Taylor Profile Photograph

Abbi Taylor Jason's Daughter, P/A and Speaker

Abbi is Jason's personal assistant as well as dealing with all sales and booking queries for the Proud2bSafe team. ''I love my job and I love what the company stands for, I was just 3 years old when my dad had his accident at work, and it is now 20 plus years after his accident and it is still affecting me and my family today. My aim is to stop this from happening from any other family''

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Emma Currie Profile Photograph

Emma Currie

CEO at Acting Up.

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