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To support any stand down or teambuilding event, working alongside the impact speakers these companies we have partnered with are some of the best to explore limiters that can be holding your employees back and also to help explore any key messages or issues you may have within your organisation that you can then begin to change to help that all important culture for your people. 


Empowering Business, Empowering Change


These events are specifically tailored to your team’s theme or topic of the day. We have successfully organised numerous corporate events for various clients, focusing on team building, workplace safety, mindset, sales targets, and more. Each event carries its own unique message, and we ensure that the delivery is both enjoyable and energetic.

No matter the size of your team, whether it’s a small group of 5 or a large organisation of 5000 and beyond, our team is capable of crafting an event that perfectly fits your needs. We can tailor the event to accommodate your specific size, budget, and venue requirements.

If you’re seeking a more thrilling challenge for your staff, firewalking is an excellent event activity. While glass walking also provides a thrill, it can be approached with a more mindful perspective, emphasizing the importance of safety and a positive mindset to accomplish tasks.

Our new 9-hole golf course is perfect for fostering team camaraderie, and our boards can assist your staff in overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving targets.



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Open your event with a 3hr behavioural safety training session, powered by E-Colours. Each delegate will discover their E-Colours to understand their natural tendencies, strengths, and potential limiters before hearing real life stories from a P2BS speaker and how their E-Colour tendencies changed the course of their life. By understanding E-Colours your team can foster better relationships, improve communication, and deliver superior performance, resulting in increased safety. 

How does the session work? 

  • Your team completes an online questionnaire prior to the event, to discover their E-Colours. Are they The Doer (Red), The Relator (Blue), The Thinker (Green) or The Socialiser (Yellow).
  • They receive a comprehensive Premium Report full of detailed information about themselves and people with different E-Colours.  
  • At the event the team participates in a fun and interactive 3hr session to learn more about their E-Colours and Personal Intervention. 
  • The session includes the entire team’s E-Colours on a composition chart to identify where their strengths lie and what areas could be developed to become a more rounded group of people. 

What people are saying: 

  • “A simple and engaging way to help you understand how you can get hurt. E-Colours teaches you self-awareness and so much more about yourself!” Head of Health & Safety, Heathrow Airport
  • “This information needs to be heard. We all communicate better and are seeing a reduction in accidents, incidents, and customer complaints.” MD, Transdev Airport Services
  • “I highly recommend E-Colours if you want to link your tendencies with safety – it’s a real eye opener.” UK Safety Director, QinetiQ



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