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This is not a campaign with an end date but a continual journey which will help you and your company maintain momentum by the use of all our speakers, delivering live and virtual sessions, workshops and site visits.

P2BS use speakers to suit all budgets who all have totally different but heartfelt stories, but the message is always fundamentally the same, they all knew what they were doing was unsafe, and that we need to learn how Speak Up and also learn how to Listen.

P2BS have close working relations with the top leading authorities in safety which helps us to make sure we are always delivering the highest of service to our clients.



  • You will develop a long-lasting relationship with P2BS , it is not just a one-off presentation
  • Flexibility to offer the right services to suit your company
  • P2BS have the best speakers and advice to offer a unique service to you
  • Tangible results
  • Ongoing customer support to assist with any issues that you may endure

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Wellbeing & Health & Safety – Cultural Excellence.

Proud2bSafe are proud to partner with Jason Anker’s consultancy Anker & Marsh Ltd. This bespoke assessment and training consultancy provides a full series of training, assessment and consultancy services.

The team of consultants are headed by Jason’s partner Prof. Tim Marsh. Tim is the author of best-selling books ‘Talking Safety’, ‘Talking Health, Safety and Wellbeing’, ‘Handbook of Organised Wellbeing’ and others). He started his career, 30 years ago, looking at suicidal behaviour and other mental health issues in the armed forces.

Even before the pandemic A&M were pioneering the taking of a holistic, integrated and humanistic approach to wellbeing, risk and error management. We want all employees to survive unharmed of course, but our passion is also to help as many employees thrive as possible and to pro-actively maximise their potential not just for themselves but also for their organisations. The positive impact on key performance indicators including turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism and ‘above the line’ (or ‘citizenship’) behaviours (as well as accidents) means the very definition of a win win.

Lead consultants are Karen Royle who is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in coaching and training and John Dillon who has decades of experience running cultural assessment services as accident investigation, leadership and behavioural safety training. Indeed, the team have more experience than they’d like to admit to!

Elevator Pitch – A Holistic Approach

Studies show that 90% of the cause of behaviour in environmental not individual. So whilst inspirational speakers can motivate people for weeks genuine culture change means doing something different in the medium to long term – else those newly motivated delegates may well be dragged back into the old way of doing things sooner rather than later. Luckily, our speakers are world class at generating volunteers for processes and methodologies that can change the culture permanently.

A&M can scientifically assess where the culture is to help benchmark and plan a strategy going forward. We have a range of training and coaching services to help that journey. This from one to one coaching of executive board members through human error leadership training to front line behavioural safety. It’s based on two principles. One maximising the objective understanding of why error occurs (else we’re guessing) and two, maximising (the long term) empowerment and engagement of employees. A simple example: we stress how leaders who say ‘safely but by Friday’ will tend to find that the job gets done by Friday as safely as possible. Add some blame when something goes wrong and that can be very stressful and demotivating. However, asking proactively ‘I want you to work productively and safely … what do you need from me to do that? leads not just to learning but also sets up a more positive, engaging, empowering and healthy dynamic generally!

Get the culture right and all sorts of KPIs go in the right direction. Turnover (esp of the best staff), absenteeism, presenteeism (‘working half assed’ in Homer Simpson terms). So it’s the very definition of ‘win:win’



Tim & Jason win their first award for Safety Excellence from the HSE Global Series 2019 in Abu Dhabi


Tim Jason Award

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So How Does Wellbeing Work?


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