We are not a campaign with an end date but a continual journey which will help you and your company maintain momentum by the use of all our speakers and services we have available. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the brief is met and all key learnings and messages are communicated to the workforce.

Speaker package 1

A speaker will come to your site and deliver 1-2 sessions per day to your teams.



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Each of our speakers has a highly motivational story to share which will help change people's attitudes towards Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Every speaker is able to deliver a 'Generic talk' but we have access to a range of different accident stories to specialise in different industries and sectors.

Each speaker is able to deliver their presentation and also help tie in any core messages that you may have on site. All the speakers are open to a Q&A after each session to explore any aspect of the story more. We can do this with pre-loaded questions that are planned ahead of the event or impromtu on the day.

The timings of the sessions range from 15 minutes - 60 minutes so can fit different time frames and all speakers are happy to accommodate different shift patterns e.g. the nightshift. 

Prices to suit all budgets from £500-£3500

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Speaker package 2

A 2 hour highly interactive workshop delivered by Jason Anker MBE or Matt Hazelton.


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This workshop includes a live talk from either Jason Anker MBE or Matt Hazelton and then an interactive session.

90 mins- 2 hours 

50 people on each session 

1 x session £3350

2 x sessions £3850 

The workshop generates questions and solutions around what could be better, what is good and what do we need to do to make it excellent. This helps companies identify areas that are good and also those that are causing issues and helps them to see what and where improvements need to be made to create the positive work culture.


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Speaker package 3

The team at P2BS will facilitate and organise a half day or full day event.


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With use of motivational and inspirational speakers, actors, team building exercises such as glass or fire walking we can help plan and facilitate a half day or full day event.

An example full team building day:

8.30 - Opening from someone senior within the business

8.45 - Introduction welcome from Prof Tim Marsh

9.00 - First section with the actors 

9.30 - Motivational Safety story

10.15 - Comfort break

10.30 Second part of actors interactive session where audience help to direct the story with a more positive outcome

11.15 - Round up from Tim Marsh of morning and introduce theme of the afternoon

12.00 - Lunch

13.00 Glass/Lego/Fire Walk .This is great after lunch it builds team building/ facing your fears/ cooperation. Or Blindfold Beanbag spoon toss into a bucket which helps to show the power of positive encouragement and the negative impact of negative feedback.

14.00 Prof Tim Marsh - The why - a look at how an holistic approach to Wellbeing, Health and Safety is crucial to create the positive CULTURE companies seek which positively impacts Production, Quality and also Safety

14.45 - comfort break

15.00 - Inspirational speaker

16.00 - Close

1615 Finish 


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