Inspirational Speakers

All of our inspirational speakers  have been through the Proud2bSafe Academy run by Jason Anker MBE.

Each of our safety speakers has a highly inspirational story to share which will help change people's attitudes towards Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Each speaker is able give a 'Generic Safety' talk but we have access to a range of motivational speakers with different accident stories to specialise in different industries and sectors.


Jason Anker MBE Profile Photograph

Jason Anker MBE Founder Proud2bSafe RoSPA Arch Angel 2017

Jason now has 3 different presentations;

A Fall from Height - The Original Story
Jason Anker was paralysed from the waist down due to an avoidable incident on a construction site in 1993 when he fell off a ladder. He was 24 years old.
His story of his life before the incident, the day of the incident, the time spent in hospital and rehab, his initial release from hospital and his struggle with life over the last 26 years is an honest and sometimes graphic account of the devastation the incident has had on Jason and his family & friends

Brand New Talk for 2019
5 Seconds - Health Safety & Wellbeing
Jason openly talks about his workplace accident and the effect this had on himself, family, friends and work colleagues but he know also explores and discusses why he made that decision on the day of his accident and how his own health and wellbeing in the months that led up to his accident also played a big part in that safety decision. Sean Toon, one of Jason's close friends, also speaks on the effect a long term mental health issue had on his own life and how not speaking up almost took him to the brink.
This presentation looks at how Health and Wellbeing can influence Safety in the workplace
This is available in either a 1hr presentation or 2hr workshop

Brand New Talk for 2019
It's not About the Fall, it's About the Bounce - Resilience
Jason delivers a Well-being talk on the topic of resilience about coping with trauma, stress and mental health issues, this talk covers Jason’s mental health crisis following his fall and subsequent recovery. Jason uses examples of some truly inspirational individuals from the World of Sport and History, this is no longer a presentation about what he can't do but what he can do and focuses on all his achievements and positive things in his life now.
An uplifting positive presentation where Jason asks himself after 26 years in a wheelchair 'do I still wish I hadn't had my accident?'

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Matt Hazelton Profile Photograph

Matt Hazelton Speaker RoSPA Rising Star Award Winner 2017

Four Friends
Matt openly talks about the workplace accident that has affected his life forever. Matt was a director of a company and on his site he painfully lost two brothers and two best friends. In this emotive hard hitting story Matt discusses the accident itself, the constant hassle he received from the media and the court case he had to endure being a director of a company. Very hard hitting, raw and effective session from Matt to help increase awareness in all levels of Safety.

Speaker Package
1 Hour from £1350
Paul Blanchard Profile Photograph

Paul Blanchard Speaker RoSPA Arch Angel 2015

Life After An Accident
Paul works as a motivational & behavioural safety speaker. Having been in a major accident falling from height several years ago fixing a roof at a farm, Paul speaks on the emotional perspective of why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.

The empowerment of staff to feel the responsibility for both their own safety and that of their co-workers does not come from a Health and Safety lecture. With Paul’s story to the same group, he brings a real purpose to the subject. Rather than just going through the motions of H&S conformity, the audience is reached through empathy with someone who has felt the full effect of an industrial accident.

Paul's story is really about the realisation that his life had changed, and having the determination to adapt to the new direction in life and trying to inspire others.

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from £1350
Lisa Ramos Profile Photograph

Lisa Ramos Speaker

Lisa Ramos was involved in a forklift accident at work, in 2006 and as a result of this, is now an above knee amputee. She had been working alongside her husband Dave for several years. The day of Lisa’s accident was also their son Kieran’s 13th birthday and although Dave wasn’t on shift, he did witness the aftermath and travelled alongside her, in the ambulance. They offer a unique alternative to raising awareness of health & safety issues within the workplace, with their frank and honest account of her rehabilitation, and the long-term struggles that are part and parcel of adjusting to life, as a disabled person. Whilst they came to terms with what happened many years ago, the change in Lisa's behaviour has had a lasting impact on their son Kieran.

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Tom Corfield Profile Photograph

Tom Corfield Speaker

Tom’s story started 11 years ago. He was only 17 when he suffered an accident involving cement mix splashing back into his eyes, leaving him blind. The effects from the accident are still having a huge impact on Tom’s life, with uncertainty with what the future holds. This story will raise awareness to just how long the journey to recovery can take after a work place accident and how not just his life has been affected. Tom’s frank and honest discussion will take a look back at life after the accident and adjusting to how vulnerable life really is in the dark.

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Sean Toon Profile Photograph

Sean Toon Jason's Friend & Speaker RoSPA Guardian Angel 2017

Sean speaks alongside Jason's 5 Second presentation about the impact Jason's accident has had on him, his family and friends.

This provides a powerful and effective angle on Jason 'story in the live presentations that comes very unexpected to the delegates watching and highlights how many people are actually affected in workplace accidents.

Reaching the Brink
This is a health and wellbeing talk where Sean discusses how he bottled up problems in his personal life from a childhood trauma. In his early twenties a series of events nearly took him to the brink, he found a way of coping and it's only in recent years he has found a way to deal with problems head on which has helped him and his family. When this happened to Sean there was no one to speak up to and it is now Sean's goal to encourage people to speak up and listen.

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Abbi Taylor Profile Photograph

Abbi Taylor MD of Proud2bSafe, Jason's Daughter and Speaker

The Real Life story of The Ladder Associations and RoSPA's 'Get a Grip' campaign

Abbi talks about the effect Jason's accident has had on her life growing up and how it is still affecting their lives today. Now Abbi has a daughter in the world she speaks emotionally about the things she missed out on with her dad they are having to relive that all again with Jason not being able to do the same things with his granddaughter. Her key message to the delegates watching is that it really is not worth it, if you think something is wrong or unsafe speak up, not just for yourself but for your family and friends as it is them that are all effected.

Abbi has recently became the 'Life Story' for the Ladder Association's 'Get a Grip' campaign supported by RoSPA

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10 mins from £250
James Ramsay Profile Photograph

James Ramsay

James will walk into your workplace with no obvious injuries. He has not lost a limb, he doesn’t need a walking stick or a wheelchair. Yet his injuries are as serious as those who do. James will live the rest of his life with a serious brain injury as a result from a fall at work.

James was working offshore in the north sea 130 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland.
James spent 12 years recovering and to try to get his life back on track, but this was just the beginning for James, he soon realised that he wanted to share more than his story.
He undertook a long process of educating himself learning from others about the issues that workers and workplaces have with safety and training.

James is now in a position not just to talk about his experience, but to discuss and educate people in the many aspects of safety that we have today.

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Emma Currie Profile Photograph

Emma Currie

Gail's Shoes

A powerful tale of a marriage struggling to cope in the aftermath of an accident.

Bruce Durham - MA, CMIOSH Profile Photograph

Bruce Durham - MA, CMIOSH Safety and Mental Health Speaker

3 Children Losing Their Dad

Bruce’s wife Kelly was in a car crash that killed her then husband Alan, and took the father of 3 young children away from them. As they were driving home from dropping the children off at school, coming towards them in the opposite direction was a Dutch HGV driver who was driving erratically and pulled out when he couldn’t see what was coming… Alan was killed on impact and Kelly suffered life changing injuries and was not expected to survive.

Bruce’s story focuses on how the driver being ‘lost in the moment’ shattered a family to pieces, and he explains the effects on his wife and step children, but also on the driver and his family. He explores simple psychological approaches that help you to be more present and more in control of your emotions so you can control your ‘Inner Hulk’.

Bruce who is a Chartered Member of IOSH with an MA in Coaching.
Bruce has also been on Sky Sports and other TV programmes promoting mental health and how to be more in control of your mind, resulting in a better performing you!

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